October 9, 2018

Ksenia Semenova: New Ways to Invest in Crypto

This week we talk to Ksenia Semenova, the Chief Business Developer Officer at Cindicator. She has a record of growing companies as a blockchain enthusiast, business developer and communications expert. At TheQuestion, she was responsible for global growth, from 2.3 million unique users to 5.5 million in 5 countries. At the educational IT startup GlobalLab, she spearheaded the launch of this online collaborative laboratory and gained 90 000+ registered users in one year from more than 80 countries. Notably, at Cindicator, potential investors had to send in an application to invest, which narrowed the pool to people who genuinely cared about the company, and raised their target goal of $15 million. Ksenia is an addict business traveller and communicator, spreading ideas of the better future of symbiosis of technology and the human beings around the globe.


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